Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Independent EmissionTests On Plastic Fuel

PENN STATE UNIVERSITY under the direction of Dr. James Garthe in the Agricultural Sciences Department earlier this year obtained research funding from the Plastic Council of America for the purposes of continued development of his PLASTOFUEL. This fuel is made up of various types of plastics composition derived from the dirty waste plastics found in Agricultural Industries. The Koreans already have a plastic fuel pellet that is of smaller design and PENN STATE has been conducting burning tests. The Independent Test Reports from Korea show the emissions are extremely low and that is without scrubbers.

PENN STATE UNIVERSITY and Dr. James Garthe have in the first part of June been conducting tests with the USA Emissions Standards people on the PENN STATE version. The pellet is larger and the patented burner from GR-Technologies was modified to receive the fuel. Tests show on visual inspection that there is an excellent fuel burn.

PENN STATE and GR-Technologies are awaiting the written report and expect it will pave the way to commerically roll out the pelletized fuel as an alternative energy source, especially for Green Houses. This will move forward the marketing of burners in North America as well.
It will act to reduce ocean dumping, landfill burial, and export of dirty waste plastics.

Those interested should be checking there summer show calendar where specific Agricultural shows will have the technologies demonstrated.