Sunday, August 21, 2005

Agricultural Show Great Success!

The just concluded Agricultural Show proved highly successful for both PENN STATE University and GR-Technologies with respect to the Plastofuel pellets researched and designed by PENN STATE and the patented burner developed by GR-Tech. Some 50,000 plus people apparently took in the show with the "Show And Tell" being one of the main attractions.

The Governor of the State and the Secretary for Agriculture were briefed at the show on the advancements made in the area of waste plastic disposal via safe efficient burning. The most important part is the energy recovery turning the burn into heat and power. The reception to the process was well received by the party's and meaningful discussions were all round.

The American Plastic Council will soon release the executive summary of the recently concluded comprehensive tests done on the emissions and particulate expulsion from the burner. Behind the scenes it is believed that the BUZZ suggests there has been nothing now, or before to match the numbers with respect to the exceptional burn by this burner.

There is growing excitement on the number of useages the burner offers other than the primary target being the Agricultural Industry. Variations have been discussed to serve a numerous of other large producers of dirty waste plastics throughout various manufacturing and industrial operations. Even Cottage applications were discussed along the lines of the Wood Pellet Stoves.

Many show goers were highly intrigued at the fact there is more to waste plastic than curbside blue boxes. The interest in the fact a reduction of dirty plastic waste is now possible was high.

The post show analysis will show the next steps both PENN STATE and GR-Technologies will take moving both the science and the applications to the marketplace.