Tuesday, September 27, 2005


First statements with respect to recent full test assessment of emissions and particulates of the GR-Technologies unique patented burner using the PENN STATE PLASTOFUEL generated from AGRI-Plastic waste.

"Air Emissions Overview
GR Technologies Company, Ltd. 100,000 kcal / hr. Plastic-Derived Fuel Burner
Summary by
James W. Garthe, PE
The Pennsylvania State University
246 Agricultural Engineering Building
University Park, Pennsylvania 16802 USA
September 26, 2005

Stack testing conforming to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards were conducted by an independent U.S. testing company in May 2005, comparing the LDPE (#4) Korean pellets with granulated HDPE (#2) discarded barrels. Three main groups of pollutants were analyzed:
• gases (sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide)
• particulate matter
• dioxins/furans
Test results proved that this is an extremely clean burning system in all three groups. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has reviewed the results, noting that combustion units with a heat input rating of 2.5 million Btu / hr. or less are exempt from the plan approval and operating permit requirements. This means the burner and associated boiler can be marketed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania now However, sites will still have to comply with the DEP opacity regulation, Section 123.41. According to the DEP standard, opacity, or visible air contaminants, cannot be equal or greater than 20 percent for a period or periods aggregating more than 3 minutes in any 1 hour, or greater than 60 percent at any time. For this extremely clean burning system, the opacity regulation testing will most likely not be an issue, hopefully merely a formality. It is expected that FULL test results will be available soon and that both the burner and the pelletized fuel from dirty waste AGRI-waste plastics will be positive. As noted the burner is NOW commerically acceptable and will soon find wide distribution for alternative energy needs in American GreenHouse applications.