Wednesday, September 07, 2005


WASTE PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY will be there! GR-Technologies unique burner will be at the OHIO STATE FARM REVIEW Sept. 20 thru Sept. 22, 2005. Last minute arrangements have been made to have one of the burners at the Review giving attendee's the opportunity of seeing the unit in action. GR-Technologies will be using the PENN STATE UNIVERSITY Agricultural Sciences developed 'Plastofuel' Pellets and GR-Technologies will likely also use the original Korean pellets. Both types of fuel pellets are derived from dirty waste Agricultural and Farm plastics. This advanced technology can both reduce plastic waste as well as offer up alternative energy in heat and power to greenhouses and other applications as neccesary. Recent tests have shown the viability of this technology and the commerical and environmental value as well.

Information on the OHIO STATE FARM REVIEW can be located at

Both sites have great information on Agricultural Science and further details about the Fair and inclusions.