Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Many may not realize that throwing away 'PLASTIC' is throwing away a ready fuel source. Plastic is primarily petroleum and burns with high efficiency. WASTE PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY has patented a unique burner that recovers fuel from dirty waste plastics. The Greenhouse Industry in Korean is commercially utilizing the unit and one farmer alone has suggested he is saving $6 Thousand a month in fuel costs. Korea has no natural resources but plenty of plastic. Accordingly the revolutionary burner is finding high interest as an alternative fuel generator. USA has been quick to see the potential and PENN STATE University has been an active research partner with respect to the creation of PLASTOFUEL an easy handling fuel nugget made from various dirty plastics. All be it a hot technology and useful in it's purpose, Countries like Canada have been caught up in the burning of wood waste as a fuel source. A poor substitute (low efficiency BTU) for alternative energy and indeed some say dangerous to the environment by removing naturally bio-degradable vegetation from the forests. Over time this removal of waste woods will harm the forest value scientists are saying. The jury is out accordingly. Waste Plastic is a menace worldwide, including Canada, and the GR Technologies Burner will find acceptance where alternative resources are scarce and particularily where landfill issues are paramount. The reduction of plastics from landfills may be the most likely motivator to adopt a clean burning plastic burner that in turn offers up both usable, cheap heat and power.