Saturday, October 18, 2008


Probably so. Plastics are indeed an integrated part of our civilization. A recent CNN report points to these points of reference. Plastics. Love them or hate them we need them. What to do with them - Use them again as an alternative fuel. Environmentalists & Politicians are not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to the potential utilizing waste plastic as a fuel source is safe, energy efficient, and there is enough material to offer up an alternative fuel source. Plastic can be burned with less emissions than Natural Gas. Proven independent tests point to the myth that plastic burning is harmful. Wrong.

READ ON.... Do we need a solution? YES. Is there one? YES.
CNN Report:
"One of the most useful, durable and ubiquitous materials known to man, it permeates every sphere of human life. It protects and stores our food; it transports o ur goods; we brush our teeth with it; we can find it in our refrigerators, cars, computers and mobile phones; we can thank it for our shower curtains, our plumbing and the flooring we walk on.
In short, it's everywhere, sustaining our way of life to the extent that we struggle to imagine life without it.
We now consume around 100 million tons of plastic annually, compared to five million tons in the 1950s when American housewives were just discovering the wonders of Tupperware. To put that into perspective, one ton of plastic represents around 20,000 two-liter bottles of water or 120,000 carrier bags, according to the British Web site Waste Online.
The estimates of how many plastic bags used annually vary wildly from 500 billion to anywhere up to 1 trillion. Even taking the more conservative estimate of 500 billion still roughly translates as 1 million every minute, according to As for plastic bottles, Earth Policy Institute estimates that in 2004 the global consumption of bottled water alone was 154 billion liters.
According to Fast Company, in any given week in the United States, 1 billion bottles of water are being moved around the country, with Americans consuming 50 billion bottles each year. Of that, a whopping 38 billion of them are being sent to landfills, while on a daily basis 60 million just get chucked away."