Friday, October 17, 2008


Absolutely. Now! commercially available in USA. A Fuel Supply and Fuel Combustion System Now available in Pennsylvania

A novel high-temperature, plastic-fueled burner was invented in Seoul, Korea, in 1999by GR Technologies Company, Ltd. A subsidiary of GR Technologies called Eco-Clean Burners, LLC, was formed in spring 2008 in the Greater Allegheny region to market this combustion system across the United States.

Eco-Clean Burners will begin leasing units to select customers in autumn 2008. The first installation of an Eco-Clean unit is near completion at Iannetti’s Garden Center in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.

The 800,000-Btu/hr unit is designed to heat two production greenhouses. The garden center has been a supporter of this plastic-derived fuel technology for several years and will serve as a demonstration

Besides recovering energy via high-temperature combustion, providing an ample supply of plastic fuel for this venture has led to the creation of Atlas Certified Fuels, L3C. Atlas will supply plastic fuel for those customers who have leased combustion systems from Eco-Clean Burners. Atlas Certified Fuels ensures that all plastic fuels will meet rigid quality standards, thus guaranteeing the highest operating efficiency with minimal air emissions from the Eco-Clean hot-water heating systems.

Incidentally,Atlas Certified Fuels will create approximately fifteen new jobs as part of its social mission to employ disadvantaged individuals from

America does indeed discover a eco-friendly way to terminate landfill plastics to create a viable new alternative energy with GR-Tech Waste Plastic Burner.